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Tremain, Lyman

Lyman TremainBorn on 1819, died in 1878. State: New York. Party: Republican. Member: Representative. A Representative from New York. Born in Durham, Greene County, N.Y., June 14, 1819. Attended the common schools and Kinderhook Academy. Studied law. Was admitted to the bar in 1840 and commenced practice in Durham, N.Y. Elected supervisor of Durham in 1842. Appointed district attorney in 1844. Elected surrogate and county judge of [...]

Categories: New York, Representative, Republican, and T. Tags: 43rd-congress, Lyman, TR, and Tremain.

Jacobsen, William Sebastian

William Sebastian JacobsenBorn on 1887, died in 1955. State: Iowa. Party: Republican. Member: Representative. (son of Bernhard Martin Jacobsen), a Representative from Iowa. Born in Clinton, Clinton County, Iowa, January 15, 1887. Attended the public schools and the [...]

Categories: Iowa, J, Representative, and Republican. Tags: 75th-congress, 76th-congress, 77th-congress, JA, Jacobsen, and William Sebastian.

Lincoln, Levi

Levi LincolnBorn on 1749, died in 1820. State: Massachusetts. Party: Republican. Member: Representative. (father of Enoch Lincoln and Levi Lincoln [1782-1868]), a Representative from Massachusetts. Born in Hingham, Mass., May 15, 1749. Attended the common schools. Was graduated from Harvard College in 1772. Studied law in Newburyport and Northampton, Mass. Joined the Minutemen in Cambridge at the outbreak of the Revolution. Moved to [...]

Categories: L, Massachusetts, Representative, and Republican. Tags: 23rd-congress, 24th-congress, 25th-congress, 26th-congress, 27th-congress, 6th-congress, 7th-congress, Levi, LI, and Lincoln.

Plumley, Charles Albert

Charles Albert PlumleyBorn on 1875, died in 1964. State: Vermont. Party: Republican. Member: Representative. (son of Frank Plumley), a Representative from Vermont. Born in Northfield, Washington County, Vt., April 14, 1875. Attended the public schools. Was graduated [...]

Categories: P, Representative, Republican, and Vermont. Tags: 73rd-congress, 74th-congress, 75th-congress, 76th-congress, 77th-congress, 78th-congress, 79th-congress, 80th-congress, 81st-congress, Charles Albert, PL, and Plumley.